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Eating Oliver Twist tobacco bits.

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    As I'm a really new snuser and there is anyone arround me who use snus or any other oral tobacco I 've always been questioning about swallowing the juice of tobacco or not.I started with Oliver Twist pellets and even though I was worried It came naturally to me to chew it when it became softer in the mouth and swallow the juice.
    I 've got impression that most snuser just leave the portion under upper lip and never do anything more then that but I simply can't do it in that way.I mean to say that I always suck the portion while it's under my upper lip and swallow the juice because I need to feel the taste of tobacco and its nicotine strenght more.May be I 'm doing wrong and taking a risk for my stomach or organism in general but this is the only way I enjoy snus...


      yes that is the only way i enjoy snus too... but i imagine they are all very low in TSNAs so swallowing the juices shouldn't be a big problem in theory.