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Do you ex-smokers still occasionally miss smoking?

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    Originally posted by Paco
    Not really, I smoked for 11 years almost a pack a day. I was never really addicted to the mental aspect of smoking just the physical dependency on nicotine because when I quit using lozenges it wasn't that hard to not smoke in the car as long as I had a lozenge within a reasonable time frame. Drinking was a bitch cuz you're not supposed to use the lozenges while drinking anything but I hardly drink anymore and don't use lozenges since I found snus. Once your lungs clear from not having cigarettes at all for 3 months you really won't want to smoke anymore as long as u are getting nicotine from other sources.
    Originally posted by wadetheblade
    Me, No. Smoke free since Oct. 2009
    These! I don't miss it one bit, I thought I would, but as Paco says, its the nicotine I like, not the physical act of smoking. Different strokes for different folks. Its over 1 year without any kind of cigarette, before I used to dip back to them or use both together, no regrets at all. Also wanting to stop smoking as much as I did I think helps.