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vaporizing tobacco in a da vinci ascent

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  • vaporizing tobacco in a da vinci ascent

    I just got my da vinci ascent vaporizer and thought i would give it a whirl with some tobacco . First off i bought some cheap pipe tobacco as that's all they had at the shop and i was told that pipe tobacco works better, i bought St brunos. It smelled like a dead , wet dog and when i vaporized it it tasted like a warm dead dog. Gross beyond compare. I also didn't notice any effect , but i had been snusing not long before, so , maybe that was it. I tried again today with some cutters choice addititive free rollling tobacco. Cutters choice is crap tobacco , but again it the additive free was the best of a very limited selection at my local shop . Well , this stuff wasn't to bad at all. It tastes like medium quality tobacco , not offensive really ; it tastes like it smells when you sniff the freshly openned pouch. I defo noticed it this time , no real rush or buzz as i was expecting , but certainly felt very satisfied after and to bo honest the feeling wasn't that dissimilar to snus , a more gentle stable buzz than the cigarette . It tickled my throat and made me cough a couple of times when i did a deep inhale . I checked the tobacco after and no signs of burning , just very dried out. It doesn't feel as 'clean' as an e-cig , it almost definitley isn't , but i don't feel like garbage as though i just smoked a ciggie . I got the da vinci ascent becasue you can control the temperature very effectively on the interface in increments of 1degree c or f. I vaped the baccy at 125 c then 150 c . It's not what i thought it would be , probably a waste of money to some extent , but i am not that dissapointed ; i certainly don't think i will use it regularly , just as i need to deal with strong cravings , maybe once a week or something

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    i use an arizer solo...


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      anyone need a vaporizer?


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        seriously though