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  • Morlaix

    To my nose, Morlaix and Strasbourg are very similar, so you may want to read my review of Strasbourg if you haven't already. As for the differences: Morlaix seems to have fewer scenting ingredients -- it's mostly citron, rose and lavender. The grind is finer than Strasbourg, so the nicotine hit is a bit stronger. The fragrance doesn't last as long, either.

    Both are very nice perfumed snuffs, so it's just a matter of which characteristics you prefer. I think I prefer the complexity of Strasbourg, but I certainly wouldn't turn down a pinch of Morlaix.

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    imo Morlaix is a far superior version of Strasbourg. It is stronger in the nic and the fragrance is stronger. Definately on my re-order list but Strasbourg is not.


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      At first Morlaix was on my list of fine but don't reorder. I probably still won't reorder because there are so many I want to try. I actually threw it my purse since it was a small 10 tin and didn't feel compelled to store it properly, just have it on hand for grab an snuff when something keeps away from home longer than I expected. Things grow on you when you use them enough and I like its is non eventful long lingering smell and initial is moderate, burn is above average and strength is there. It's easy to use but easy to forget which is a good thing for some purposes. I imagine there are plenty more that will fall in the category of nothing at all wrong with it but kind of forgettable


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        That's what I love about WoS....the small tins that you can pick up for very little money to try. If you don't take to them, it doesn't really matter. Love that.


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          This one grows on you after a while, keep taking it and you pick up more and more from it, one of the best WoS for scent duration I have found.


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            Why on earth did I compare Morlaix to Strasbourg? It's completely different - I really am weird sometimes. Anyway, I'm having trouble with the Morlaix i.e. it's not as good as when I first tried it. It's like perfumy sherbet and I'm not that fussed on it as I am with the others.