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  • Menthol

    SG Menthol is a well-made menthol and camphor snuff. The contents of the 10g tap box I received were a little too dry, but rehydrated easily. The tobacco is golden brown and the mill is a bit on the coarse side, but, as is usually the case with Sam Gawith products, it's an excellent blend of (mostly) bright Virginias. After the lingering camphor note dies down, you can smell the sweet hay-like notes of the quality leaf. Nicotine feels just a tiny bit on the high side of average.

    The balance between menthol and camphor is IMO better than McChrystal's O&G. The latter, although an excellent snuff, leans a little too much toward the camphor side. O&G's tobacco base is much more complex and interesting, however. The SG is simple, but very good, as one would expect from one of the premier manufacturers of snuff aimed toward the working class. Recommended.

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    I'll definetely have to add a tin on my next order.


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      I think the tins only come in a 25g size or larger. I've heard they can be hard to find, but that the contents are fresher. The 10g tap boxes are far from airtight, that's why the product is often in need of rehydration. Mr. Snuff is supposed to be getting the tins in stock, but he needs to sell the tap boxes he has on hand first.


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        I love SGM for many reasons. First off it’s a great snuff with as others have said has a great menthol to camphor ratio; it can be enjoyed by those who love the chill on its own merit.
        I find it’s an excellent snuff to clear your nose and sinuses as well. Most all snufers get a build up throughout the day, and by nature the menthol makes your nose runny. I use this daily both to enjoy and to clear my nose. You cannot go wrong with SGM. Finally yes Mr.Snuff does carry 25g tins, that seal much better. I also reseal my tins with electrical tape to add a bit more security. I’ve never had a tin go dry.

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          Have you all tried Six Photos Medicated #66 (an Indian snuff). It is really good and probably my favorite mentholated.
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