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  • Single cut snus

    So, 4 or so GR kardus boxes went up for sale on snus central and I couldn't stop myself. Got mine this morning and I absolutely love everything about it.

    Most of all though, I really like the cut of the tobacco. It's the first long cut snus I've encountered and was wondering what it takes to make something of a similar cut out of whole leaf. Would I need a tobacco shredder? Also, would I still use a mortar and pestle to get a certain amount of dust fraction or would that be unnecessary in a long cut?

    So, anyone here have any experience making a long cut snus?

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    Cool, do you have a photo?


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      I've posted pics here before, but I cant seem to take one will load this time. I keep getting a memory error or something, pic file is too big or something...

      I'll try again soon, technology hates me I swear...


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        Sorry to hear that you're having problems uploading pictures there DreadPirateJones Please could you send in the error message you're getting and attach a sample picture file & we'll get this checked out for you. Email is support at snuson dot com.


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          Thanks for the help admins! This is the goteborgs kardus. The cut is amazing, it doesnt mudslide nearly as easily as the finer grinds.

          It tastes very similar to regular old gr, but with a twist. The tobacco flavor is a little more present. Theres also a "forest" like flavor. Maybe pine like? Im not sure, but the flavors are very well blended together. Really wish this was something I could get year round. Except then I'd go broke buying super expensive snus...


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            That’s cool I’ve never seen a Goteborgs Kardus before. Was the packaging nice?


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              The packaging is quite nice. Especially the hand blown blue and gold glass it comes in. Made by orrefors of Sweden. Also has a nice little booklet, but it's all in swedish and I can only guess what it says haha


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                Wow looks awesome. Thanks for sharing the photos.