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How easy is it to make your own snus?

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  • How easy is it to make your own snus?

    What would be process i would need to make my own Los......and which plants do i need to grow...if i wanted to have the same health benifits of swedish snus ?....Many thanks on any information on this subject! :idea:

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    here's a thread about making your own snus -

    here's a snus kit to make your own - - reading the instructions will probably give you an idea of what is involved. i've never done it, i think there was a thread a little while back where someone made some. hope this helps.


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      This link was posted someplace...I bookmarked it just in case a snus ban comes along. It looks easy enough to do if it came down to having to do it yourself, but I'll stick with what I have now and only use this in an emergency :wink: