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  • New Copenhagen Straight Long Cut


    Anyone here tried the new Copenhagen Straight Long Cut dip?

    I'm working my way to quitting dip generally, but I might try something new, if it interests me, and this has a slight interest to me, to warrant a can to try. I'm thinking of getting one this weekend.

    I'm not a fan of the Straight flavored dip, though some were not too bad(Grizzly).

    Anyone here had this? Comments?

    I'll post mine when I get it.

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    I think Tex told me he tried it.


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      For a dip, it's great. Pretty rough cut compared to snus, but hey, it's dip. I did notice a slightly salty flavor in it. It has a predominately tobacco flavor, not a lot of sweet. If I were to switch to dip this would be the one.


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        I'm on the fence concerning Straight flavor, but I'll pick this up tomorrow and try it.


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          OK, I went to the grocery today, and picked up a can. I didn't even look at the date till I got home, usually Copenhagen keeps their stuff fresh on the shelf, and this store is a pretty busy one, but still it says Sell By May 02, so, I guess we'll see. I'm going to eat lunch in a few and afterward I'll give it a go.

          One noticable thing, is I think it's a very nice looking can design. I've been keeping my metal dip lids, and putting a magnet in them and putting them on the fridge, and this one will look nice.

          It was $1.99 I thought, but the total was $2.11.


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            OK, I opened the can, it's quite moist, just right, the cut tobacco has a spongyness to it, and after putting in my mouth it retains that. The smell is decent, has that Straight smell, not overly sharp. Taste is not bad. But that's how Straights usually go with me, the initial thought is, hmm, not bad. Been a few minutes in now, and I'm feeling some nic. Going by memory this Straight seems more mellow than others I have had. I guess it has a slight sweetness, but it's really not apparent, but that's good. I still wanna quit dip, but this one is OK. As for trying to describe the Straight flavor or smell, this is really hard to do. It's unlike anything I can compare it to. Basically, I don't know what it is.

            Now, one thing I have wondered, is what brand released the very 1st Straight flavored dip? I believe Skoal was the 1st wintergreen, and Copenhagen Snuff was the 1st natural.


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              No, I really don't like this, because I just don't like Straight flavor. Why this flavor was named Straight, I have no idea. But for a Straight, compared with the other Straight brands I have had, it's not too bad, but I just don't like Straight, I'm not even sure I'll finish the can.


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                Try adding a little water to it, Tom. That might help. I remember buying dip that was improperly stored (like on top of a cooler or something) and the moisture being off really wrecked it.

                I guess if you don't like straight then it probably won't help very much. I was hoping to hear something good about it because I get a can of dip every month or two and wouldn't mind trying it. I haven't seen it around here either but I haven't looked very hard. Skoal was the first straight I tried and stuck with it for years. When it got wicked expensive I switched to Grizzly and finished dip with that one. I've had at least a can of a retarded amount of dip but I kept going back to Skoal or Grizzly Straight. I don't particularly like the Natural types but I do like Cope. It's delicious, and I thought that a more flavorful one would be even better.


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                  The moisture level was fine, and I think for a Straight dip, it's not bad at all, it actually might be the best Straight I have had, it's just I am not a fan of the Straight flavor, but yeah, if you like the Straight flavor, get some, I think it was good as far as Straights go, I think I liked it more than Grizzly and Skoal.


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                    Copenhagen Long Cut Straight is some excellent dip, WK. Definitely do give it a shot while the intro price is still going on. I picked up a can of the new Copenhagen Extra Long Natural and really wish I would have gotten the Straight again. This stuff ain't that bad but the Straight was damn good.


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                      Actually, this is pretty good. I have some in now. This is the best Straight I've had, and while I've often said I'm not a Straight fan, I think I like this more than any of the others I've had, and I think I like it more the more I use it.

                      What's the Kodiak Straight like?


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                        Why am I even asking this ?....

                        Ok, so tell me. How does this compare to good o'le copenhagen snuff (As in the original most popular - fine cut). ?


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                          I am starting to like this, I just stuck another dip in, 4 from this can so far. It's a long cut, really fluffy tobacco, well moist, juices and packs great.

                          It's not a "snuff" of natural flavor, it's Straight, so it will taste different than the regular Copen snuff. I find it very hard to describe the Straight flavor, it's kinda spicey, kinda smoky, I wanna say slightly sweet, but maybe not. I'm generally not a Straight fan, but this is good, and the can seems about half gone.


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                            I finished the can of this yesterday, and I must say I thought it was great, and this just might be my new fave dip.


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                              I bought a 5can roll of this yesterday.