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  • SKOAL Straight Long Cut

    I took a little while from dipping, thinking I was just going to quit. But I was at the store yesterday, and originally wanted a can of Copenhagen Long Cut for some reason. I noticed they had a sign for SKOAL on sale for $2.75 a can. So, I wanted to get the Classic, and Straight. Well, they didn't have the Classic, so I got the Straight. Also got a can of Grizzly Natural Long Cut for some reason too.

    I had tried Skoal Straight LC a long while back, only one can. I thought it was pretty good, but I was on the fence with Straight flavor, and new to it, and dip in general. Since that time, I've had a few other brands Straights, including Copenhagen Straight which I thought was very good.

    Well, I opened the can, and well, I think it tastes just like the Copenhagen Straight. Same smell, same soft fluffy tobacco. So, it's good. But I'm not noticing any difference from the Copenhagen.

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    I remember Skoal Straight being pretty good, since the added flavor is pretty subtle. I still prefer Skoal Classic and Copenhagen Long Cut over any other dip though. How does Grizzly LC Natural taste? I've heard good things about it from others.


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      The Grizzly has a decent natural taste. I think I like the 1900 a bit more, but it's good.


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        I just opened my third can of this. There's something familiar about the flavour but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. Then it hit me. It tastes a bit like celery - celery and sugar with a bunch of other stuff going on in there. It sounds gross but it's actually a nice change once in awhile.