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  • Cope Straight Long Cut

    I have had(a few cans) and really liked the "new" Copenhagen Straight. This was a re-release like the Black is(I'd never had the earlier version), so now, I went on and bought this Cope Straight. Let's see how it is....

    Plastic can. I always liked the "Cope" label design. Brass, black, and red, colors. Metal top, with the 1/3rd warning. Let's open it and see...
    Oh, let's "pack" it some first(best I can do). This was $3.45. Can is opened. Looks like standard long cut. Good moisture. Smells very nice. Hmmm, don't know what it I am smelling, but it's smells very good. Let's stick some in now....

    Hmmm, yeah, this is good. I'm trying to remember how the Copenhagen Straight tasted, to get a compare. This does seem a little different. This Cope seems to have a bit more spiciness to it, and the Copenhagen had a more smokiness to it. That's my initial views. I haven't had dip in a few days, so I'm wondering if a nic hit will hit me, probably not, since I've been using Thunder snus mainly... I spoke too soon, dip hits differently than snus, yeah I am feelin' it(whoa... Thunder what?). Damn..... maybe there is a reason those Thunders were on sale.

    Subsiding in power now a little. Overall, yeah, this is good. Good Straight taste, I give it a thumbs up.

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    Hmm. sounds great.

    I've still got my cans unopened in the freezer.


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      I haven't had the Cope brand, but yes, my Copenhagen Straight long cut has a rich tobacco, slightly smoky, slightly sweet flavor. It is my favorite American snuff, so far.