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    Stoker's Tennessee Chew

    This is my favorite chew. The flavor, to me, is a molasses/brown sugar kind of sweetness mixed with an earthy tobacco flavor. The sweetness and aroma are nothing like raisins like you might find with Red Man. The texture of the leaves is very soft but can get mushy if you actively chew your chew like I do and will not form the sort of solid wad I get when I chew Levi, otherwise the softness is very nice. The value is also very good. A 1lb bag cost me $8.37 when I purchased them from Notherner before PACT kicked in. Per ounce that comes to about $0.52. Compared to Levi or Red Man, which is around $1.47 to $1.55 per ounce that's pretty good. The bag has a zip lock like Red Man bags do.

    Finally got around to tapping open my sac of Stoker's Tennessee. Must say spot on with the above review. Only thing I might personally add is damn this stuff sure makes the spit but as I recall so does most 'side chew'. Oh and another thing that reminded me why I don't as of yet make this type of tobacco my 'regular' = I damn near gag whilst trying to remove the ball of baccy when done. I've tried to spit it out and pull it out and neither fair well. No problem when it's in place, just upon removal.

    Oh and one other thing. This stuff seemed to trigger a brief spell of 'acid reflux' which I use to suffer from when dipping Copenhagen snuff.

    All said though, If I were to start 'chawing' regularly, this Stoker's branded would be right up there with my top picks.


      LaZeR, I quickly remove my side chews by sticking my index finger at the back of the wad and quickly sweeping it out to the front. Then a quick rinse with water and its all done.



        For some reason I never have a problem getting rid of my chew. I just spit it out like a snus portion and rinse out the residue in my mouth with water.

        As for the acid reflux, I've noticed that happening with me as of recently when I chew Stoker's. Reminds me of when I first started snussing and would get that. I think the softness of the leaves combined with the flavor may make it more prone to swallowing, at least for me. When I chew Levi or Red Man I tend to spit more and never get the reflux.


          Just got a bag of this Tennessee Chew Original, and I must say it's excellent. Upon opening the bag, I was suprised how moist it is. I grabbed a hunk and stuck some in. Very nice flavor. Sweet, as is most chews, but not too much, or too little. And soft, this is softer than the Levi and Red Man and others I have had. The bag must be very well made. All in all, an excellent chew!


            Stokers Tenessee chew is the chew I usually have around the house. I don't chew often but this is my favorite. It seems I grab a wad of this every few weeks and the bag keeps it moist and fresh. My current bag is at least five months old and still fresh as the day I opened it. I keep it in a cabinet with no special storage....

            It has a very balanced flavor, not too sweet and not raisins....and you can taste the tobacco.

            The leaf is comfortable in the face and, and as I don't really chew it, lasts pretty long. It is the only moist American tobacco I will use anymore (Stokers chew).

            If you like chew and haven't tried this one, get some.


              id have to say stokers really gets it right with this .. its a good mild juicy chew not overly sweet and not acrid like i find most chews .. hell you dont even really have to chew as it juices up pretty well after about 30 seconds in lol

              not a big chew fan but its good for a break once in awhile .. 3oz pouch for $1.79 im deffo gunna try the apple and freds choice when this is gone

              and they fact they have a 2$ coupon right on the pouch for the 8/16 oz bags