This one seems pretty popular, as I see it at my local grocery. I bought a pouch of it to try out. I finished the bag, but it's not a rebuy for me. I have noticed sometimes, a bag of chew is not as moist as it seems it should be, and since they are not dated, one has no idea how long it's been on the shelf, even though this bag was not dry in anyway, it makes me think there can be variances of taste and condition depending on the particular pouch you get.

The Morgan's was not bad, but for me, I did not much care for it, because, while most all chew is basically tobacco leaves mixed in some sweet syrup, the sweetness of this was rather sharp, and it even gave the leaves a sort of crunchiness, but not literally, it reminded me a bit of how cotton candy has that sort of crunchiness, kinda hard sugary aspect. That was the worst aspect of this brand to me, based on the bag I bought. But, it was not bad, the taste was ok, but of the various chews I have had, this one was the least enjoyed(not counting Beech-Nut Wintergreen, which was terrible, but I suspect the bag was not properly sealed, and I'm not a wintergreen fan, and Taylor's Pride, which was not sealed well, and was dried out throughout).