Beech-Nut original chew is a good quality chew. This would be a rebuy. If memory serves, I guess I'd compare with with Red Man original, in that it had a hearty bold taste, quality leaf, and good flavor. I'd put this on equal par with Red Man original, and actually, maybe Starr too. But this is a fine chew, it's a regular priced chew, you can't go wrong with it. It doesn't stand out really as unique, and it's definitely not bad in anyway. The cut is good, though they all seem to be shredded similarly, it was soft just right, and the sweet taste flavor was well done. Get a bag, I can't imagine anyone not liking it, unless you get a bag that's not sealed well. Some bags have this resealable thing, which is nice, and some don't, but I have had bags of both kinds that were not properly closed up during packing and it affected it. But this is the odd happening, usually they are fine. Beech-Nut original, a good chew, that's about it.