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Thread: What's in your mouth right now?

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    Gotlands Green portion.


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    pris of skurf stark lös

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    This is a cool thread. It's almost like twitter for snus because i just keep updating! I just finished a pris of Grov, now i'm on to N&J West(thanks ddandb!).

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    heaven. a dwindling pris of grov on the left, a fresh portion of almighty oden's extra stark on the right. bypassed by cold beer. as i said, heaven.

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    double-barrelled skruf stark portion

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    Gotland Jule lös

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    2 clicks of Ettan. God I love ettan.

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    3 clicks of Phantom Blue lös. Someone has to stay at the post when the commander has gone awol.

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    suicide. oden's extra stark portion on the left. a fresh skruf stark pris on the right. beer in the middle, bob dylan in the ear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zmanzero
    ...bob dylan in the ear.
    Which album?

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    Damn zman! That sounds like a recipe for a mighty fine hangover!

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    Lots of different tastes in here.

    At work tonight it was N&J and Thunder Frosted. Now that I'm nice and comfy at home, it's 3 clicks of Ettan. Yes I said 3 clicks, and that's after compressing it

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    Quote Originally Posted by lxskllr
    Quote Originally Posted by zmanzero
    ...bob dylan in the ear.
    Which album?
    not an album, a song. just have one dylan song in itunes. just like a woman - bob dylan.

    a most luscious pris of gotlandssnus los. damn, this stuff is good.

    @badfish - it kicks ass. no pain, no gain.

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    general stark and ice tea no sugar :!: sweet tea is for girls 8)

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    Genaral Sterk portion ops: Trying to get through the tin. The ES portions are damn good tho.

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    Offroad one can in my order yesterday, just popped in my first portion.....its not bad, although the mint flavor is not very strong. Its better than I was expecting though, I wasn't expecting a lot from it with all of the horrible reviews Offroad gets....and I've had Offroad Coffee Vanilla and thought it tasted like crap.

    Overall the icemint is not bad for the price.

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