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Thread: Snus Strength, finding balance, cutting down smoking

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    Snus Strength, finding balance, cutting down smoking what I need suggestions, if ya got a second.
    Man I quit smoking with Snus in 2008 and after pact act I couldn't get Snus, aside from General I lost interest...etc
    I smoked 2 pks a day, I smoke one now and use like 6 portions a day 8mg General mint.
    Something about Snus is accidentally gotten to me.
    If I chain snus 8mg then I'll get lazy as hell feeling in the evening....sedated feeling, really similar to a blood sugar crash...makes me feel washed out..not nauseas but totally out of energy, no rapid heart beat but tired.

    So I'm trying to find balance to lessen my cigarettes until I'm done with em..mostly I smoke half of a cigarette put it out...etc.

    General mint is easy to get and I date the purchase lady at a tobacco warehouse.

    Jacobson mint is in route, 11mg I believe.
    General mint is 8mg.

    I'm trying to find a balance, of strength because Snus does different for me than Smoking "feeling wise;effect".

    So I start the day with General mint & chain snus em...about a hour and a half per portion.

    I'm thinking the Stark (11mg) first thing and maybe after food,sex...etc ,you know the drill with nicotine...

    Does this make freaking sence ....can't seem to get farther reducing smoking at the moment.

    I've read EVERY quit smoking thread on this board & I believe my logic is sound.
    But I've cut from 2.5 packs a day to 1 & I feel a difference.
    Never used Stark Snus but everything I read says switching up between 8mg - 11mg portions through the day, seems smart for my smoking habit to reduce farther.

    Help a brother out, ideas anyone?
    Thanks to all you guys for the past post....

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    Ordered a variety of Snus, mostly extra strong in a effort to find out if that will help.
    If nothing else, it'll be a fun experiment & will help stock my freezer, one things sure Snus does well if vacuum packed and frozen, so I'll do that.
    Thanks fir any suggestions, I just feel like I could Amp up the nicotine a few times a day and increase my chances.
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    The "down to" pack a day is a tough spot to be in, almost in control, but not..... You can replace the nicotine by volume, but not the nic-hit of a cig which is hard to give up. I started leaving the cigs at home if I went out for the day. Stronger snus will help, I'm sure. Doing doubles isn't quite as satisfying as a good stark tho.
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    Thanks for your reply.
    Yeah I'm kinda hoping I can use Strong portions 3-4 times a day & 8mg portions in-between.

    Also I hear V2 and a few others like Odens have a strong enough (quiker hit) than Swetish Match normal 8mg portions.
    This will open up options.

    Still trying and making steady progress.
    I'm getting Snus first in the morning now, I recall that as a HUGE difference from my last quit attempt.

    Replacing snus when I'd usually Smoke is easier at the moment effort less actually.
    Common Sterks I got 40 tins coming next week & local Jacobson mint locally for backup.

    Still headed in a good direction, thanks everyone.

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    Also I'm concidering the idea that sterk snus will also reinforce the fact in my mind/body that if I get used to Strongerlonger portions, I really don't think cigarettes could touch the effects of Snus.
    As of now it's the best idea I had to continue on & it'll help to have a freezer full of options.


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