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Thread: Overweight diabetes patients outlive slimmer ones - study

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    Overweight diabetes patients outlive slimmer ones - study

    Patients with type-2 diabetes who are overweight but not obese outlive diabetics of normal weight, scientists reported on Monday, in another example of the "obesity paradox."
    Although public health officials issue dire warnings about the consequences of overweight, and employers are pressuring workers to slim down via "wellness programs," the relationship between weight and longevity is paradoxical: Studies show that although obesity increases the risk of developing cardiovascular disease (CVD), overweight patients with CVD live longer than patients of normal weight.

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    thanks for the information, it is really helpful

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    n my own experience, I have been training myself with a personal training plan for more than five years and I think it works since the very beginning. I am having a diet for both diabetic and fat people. Maybe you should start with healthy vegetable and fruits. Those are rich in protein, of course vegie-protein. It boosts your energy.

    A kind of vegetable which gives high levels of protein is green bean. You can easily look for it in the supermarket nearby. I'm in love with green bean. In reality, green beans may provide instant relief from discomforts of diabetes. Besides, the rich-fiber contents of green bean make it very beneficial for vegan.

    The journey of being a vegan as for me is amazing. I stop eating meat for a while and I realize it brings me so many health benefits.
    Nice to share with you!

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    I was vegi for a while, was actually quite a nice. Linda mckartney burgers loads of veg and what not, may go back to it. But then again may gpjust get some exotic mests instead, ostrich crocadile wild boar, now those where quite nice too. Damn my fads.

    Perhaps i shall go vegi aagain perhaps. I wonder if my peperami pizza is ready.tomorrow perhaps their os always tomorrow


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