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Thread: Copenhagen freshness

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    Copenhagen freshness

    I bought a can of original LC tonight after a few months of avoiding Copenhagen products. It seems I always get a dead can. How long does Copenhagen give cans before the sell by date? This can is expired on October 2nd it tastes ok but doesn't juice up very well. I've had a dip in for about 15 minutes and I'm about ready to toss it. The last longcut was horrible and was two weeks before the sell by date. I bought a roll of cope whiskey about six months ago and called for a reimbursement twice, I never got coupons. The roll was expired. I like Copenhagen but these experiences have been disappointing. Grizzly is always good but I like cope better.

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    From my understanding, Copenhagen uses a "born on" date to indicate freshness; each can will be fresh within 28 days after its produced date.

    Example: A can dated September 3rd, 2011 will be fresh until November 1st, 2011.

    I know this is the case with Copenhagen Snuff. New varieties may use a "best by" date like Skoal and Swedish snus products. I much prefer this system, since it's easier to tell how fresh a can is.

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    Copenhagen adopted a sell by dating system a while back, all cans use this system now. I'm wondering if the dates on the fiberboard cans differ from the plastic cans, wintergreen straight etc. I've had a wintergreen that was good for six months until expiration

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    I never used it, but Copenhagen has always had a reputation for being particularly time sensitive. I think buying as fresh as possible is best for that snuff.

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    I agree it's difficult to find a new can though

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    I've always loved cope, haven't used it in about a year. When I did the fresher the better I wouldn't buy it if it was even approaching the 2 week mark. That being said, the born on date wasn't even intended to indicate freshness in it's early days, I mean come on it had a uniform born on date before milk had expiration dates. They used it more or less as a sales tool. Back in the day when the salesman were the suppliers they were encouraged to make sure each store got the same age snuff every time. The purpose of this was to ensure uniformity of the product in a day and age when it was much harder to preserve things. This was a long time ago, for sure the freshness plays a big part in it's appeal at this point in the game tho. It's funny to think about that aspect of the dating of tins and how it morphed into the closer the BBD the better. is it not..........

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    I've been using snus for the most part for about a month, always has a fresh taste with each can I've bought. It's expensive in Stores though and general and ettan are all that's available
    Locally. I've had no problem making a Tin of loose last a week and portions for 3-4 Days. And it never loses it's flavor. I can't get quite used to the general portions flavor wise, Even though it's a little less convenient I like the loose better. Today though I just couldn't get satisfied so I bought the cope.

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    I randomly get cans of Cope Snuff every once in a while that seem to have no nicotine in them. Everything else about it seems fine, but I could pack 1/3 of one of those cans at once, first thing in the morning and it wouldn't do anything. At first I thought it was just tolerance, but other dips don't do that to me. I just assume I got a bad can.

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    ITs definitely a strange problem, I've only been dipping for a few months but have the worst luck with Cope. Too bad it's my favorite brand. Next month I'll make a
    Snus order and I probably won't by any dip at all.

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    Depends on where you buy it, generally dont buy it from run down gas stations run by indian people they never have it fresh, buy it from a tobacco outlet and it always help if they keep it in the frdge to stay cool
    more business a place gets the more likely itd be fresh

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    as probably one of the most recent ex-dippers here on this forum. It really depends. Most tobacco is grown in virginia from the states. So when i lived in the state of virginia my stuff was very fresh and moist, in illinois it was a little drier, i imagine by the time it gets to oregon it has been through the heat or cold of the road. Not to mention how long its been on the shelf. I didn't notice how much moister snus was then dip until i had been using snus for awhile and then had a pinch of cope.

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    Not true

    I just went to the store and asked for some fresh snuff. It’s the 20th of may and they had all the way to just give me the made on date again so I can choose a fresh can of chew !!!

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    Wait what???... I got you were at the store and it was the 20th of May.......but then what happened?
    When it's my time to go, I want to die peacefully in my sleep, like my uncle did....... Not screaming in terror like his passengers

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