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  • Operation Swedish or Nordic Chew?

    Operation Swedish or Nordic Chew?

    I've been gathering together some information on this product recently and so I thought I'd share it incase it might be useful to anyone else that is looking to use the product.

    From hereon I'll refer to the product as Nordic Chew. ...
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  • All White Snus & Nicotine Pouches

    All White Snus & Nicotine Pouches

    Of late new snus products have started to come to market to cater for those who enjoy snus but not the discolouration of teeth that is sometimes associated and most recently for those who don't wish to use tobacco products anymore at all but still enjoy their nicotine buzz.

    First released was All White Snus which is a purified white tobacco that doesn't stain or drip and doesn't need ...
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  • What is Swedish Snus?

    What is Swedish Snus?

    Well, Swedish snus originates from the 18th century and consists of four main ingredients: tobacco, water, salt and humectant substance. Snus is a smokeless tobacco product. Different flavors are added to these four ingredients which provide each and every brand with its special character!

    The Swedish snus (smokeless tobacco) is unique thanks to the special methods used when manufacturing the high quality tobacco. ...
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  • Welcome To The World Of Snus!

    Welcome To The World Of Snus!

    Welcome to the world’s largest online community that’s centered around snus, Swedish smokeless tobacco. We’re glad that you’ve chose to become a member and participate, learn and have a bit of fun with us! Here at SnusOn we have a wealth of information from a myriad of different sources ranging from our own fellow member’s experiences to the actual manufacturers of the products that SnusOn was created for. ...
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