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    Will participants in the Coop be able to aquire some of Crow's special Cascadia Blend snus?
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      Seeing as how I would LOVE to get in on this as a consumer I have a couple comments.

      First is, I don't own a credit card and honestly never will. I also am leary about pay-pal or any other "online money transaction site". I'm good with checks or money orders, but am hesitant to use pay-pal or a pay-pal clone.

      Secondly, since you're on the west coast and i'm on the east, have you thought of having a reliable contact who could set up a co-op on the east coast to service us who live here in a bit more timely fashion?

      I'm all for this, and think it will help me get the brands I want as general and jakobsson's aren't cutting it anymore.


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        And as for me I won't be needing any for over a year! I'm tapped out in the snus budget. Bye I bought 2 atties for vaping today and it was the first vaping related purchase I've made in over a month! Yay
        I am so stocked up. I always do that. Years worth of TP/PT/ shampoo laundry soap etc