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Adding flavor to loose snus

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  • Adding flavor to loose snus

    Hi everyone. It's been a long time, (my gooooooooood has it been a long time) how are you all doing? Safe and well I presume and hope.

    I have a question:
    In the mail today I got the Prillan "make your own snus" kit for white portions along with 4 chosen flavors (Citrus, Wintergreen, Salty Licorice, & Glögg <-- Christmas flavor)

    Following along with Snubie's YT video "Sprilla DIY snus review" I've divided up some batches for flavoring. First up is 50 white portions in the flavor of Wintergreen, and depending on how that batch goes next up is probably Citrus (if I get the measurements right)

    Anyways my question is how would I go about doing something similar with say General loose? So far I have the contents of 1 box loose crumbled up placed on a dining plate to dry up a bit, after that I'm thinking about making up a mixture of part flavor (Citrus) and hot water, adding that to the dry loose snus mixing it up then wrap a steak bag around that plate and put it in the oven at maybe around 90° (194F) for maybe 30-60 minutes.

    Any recommendations? Doable, or not? Better to refrigerate? I can't get a hold of pre-made DIY loose snus so I will have to do with regular made loose.

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    It'd be kinda tough using a can of normal Snus.. because it's already flavored & I honestly am not sure if I'd know of a "least flavored snus in los" that I'd try that flavoring on.
    Think General los already is bergamot flavored.... using a citrus flavor might be over the top.

    But for a try....I'd dilute that flavoring in glycerine...add a few drops of the tiny amounts to guess out the whole amount.