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My portion snus leaks the powder.

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    My portion snus leaks the powder.

    Hei! Today i bought a portion snus KNOX. Its best before date was 2 years ago but its not that bad, it tastes ok and gives ok hit. The thing is, when i folded it one time very lightly it broke and the powder slipped out, i didnt mind it and threw it away, took a new one and didnt fold it. Now after that i felt like tiny bits of the snus powder were leaking in my mouth. I musta have swallowed those small bits, the thing is the powder was in my teeth and disgusting, but it didnt leak much. Not even like 10% of the snus filling was gone. I dont want to throw this away this box of knox, am i in danger of this powder or should i use the rest of the box and just accept those powder bits.

    How was the snus stored? Sounds like the bit of glue that holds the portion together has failed with age. I don't think it will hurt you no matter what.....but its messy. I sometimes use snus that is over 13 years old and its like new but I vacumn seal and freeze it for long storage.
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