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I ran out. Tried Velo Citrus

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    I ran out. Tried Velo Citrus

    What is wrong with the USA? ZYN is great when im out or for bedtime, but why do American tobacco companies use that nasty aspartame sweetener in their "wannabe" products. ? I packed the kids and went back out to get ZYN 6mg because Copenhagen is getting a little gross since i started General.

    I threw two 6mg portions in and Im thinking it may have been a bad idea. Not sure just yet, but what a kick. Looks like a 50 minute round trip drive to the closest place that sells General. 2 cans 27$.

    because american love carb, and aspartame is one of them
    many of them become fat not because they eat meat, but carb, yes they love carb (aspartame)