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  • Personal tastes compared

    It would be great to read what snus brands people prefer – with different ideas all in one place – as it is all a matter of personal taste.
    Please post your personal “like it – don’t like” lists as replies to this message?

    We know that lots of people like Jazz. Lots of people like Opera. Lots of people like drinking Lager.
    That information does not tell you if YOU are going to like Jazz, Opera, or drinking Lager.

    The "best snus" thread shows that lots of people like General, Roda Lacket, and Ettan, but will YOU like those? Who knows?

    The ideas behind this post are
    1) to allow each forum reader to indentify other snus users who share
    their personal range of tastes, and also see that other users can have quite different preferences, likes and dislikes.

    2) Then if someone likes some of the same brands that you already know you like it would be worth trying some of their other recommendations.
    If another person's tastes appear to be very different then that is perfectly OK - just don't try their favourites.

    Here we go for starters ……

    1) These are Andy’s top favourites (all loose snus): Roda Lacket, Probe, Goteborgs Prima Fint, General.

    2) I like these, but not as much as my favourites: Granit, Kronan, Diplomat, Ettan, Goteborgs Rape, Grovsnus, Kardus (expensive) .

    3) And these ones I don’t like: Roots Pilsner, Catch.

    But other users will have quite different ideas ..... read on .....

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    Wicked idea - the more variety everyone puts up, the better cross-reference we'll have. Let's see how peoples tastes can help each other out.

    : Ettan, Gotlands Gul (yellow), General, Skruf Stark, Grov, Göteborgs Rapé (original & #2), Kardus, Lucky Strike, Nick and Johnny, Montecristo

    : Roda (lös), Diplomat, Probe, Gustavus, , Landströms, Gellivare, Göteborgs Prima Fint, , Romeo & Juliet, Tre Ankare, Strongcut.

    :? : LD Juniper, Catch Licorice, Offroad (all of them, ugh!).


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      Well, I really like: Gotesborg Rape Loose, Gustavus Loose, Bacco Licorice Loose, and Kronan Loose, Tre Ankare White Portion, Knox Loose

      Ok, but not great: General Loose, Portion, Maxi Portion, Ettan Loose, Bacco Cranberry Loose, Lucky Strike Original Portion Gotesborg Rape No.2 White Portion, Gotesborg Rape White Portion, Skruf Stark Loose, LD Original Loose
      Bacco Cranberry Loose, Knox Regular Portion

      Never buy again: Gotesborg Prima Fint, Grovsnus, Gotlandsnus Yellow, Level Loose, LD Gold, Bacco Original Loose

      Edited to update.


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        Ettan, General, Probe, goteborgs rape'

        Skruf Stark, Strongcut, Rocker Black, Rocker Silver

        :? Kronan


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          Favorite SNUS

          My only experience with Snus is what CAMEL has brought to the USA, and I like it very much.Frost is excellent and Spice is a very close 2nd.

          They are pouches,(portions), sorry Euro buddies.

          This DRY thing is just starting in the USA, so, the worst that I've sampled is REVEL.

          I do like Phillip Morris TABOKA- green. Nice Menthol flavor, bag is just a tad stiff compared to Camel Snus pouch material.

          I'm waiting for a couple if lids of Skoal-Dry- Menthol and Cinnamin to be dropped in from test market Louisville, KY.


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            : General Onyx, Roda Lacket loose, Roda Lacket, Kardus loose ('normal' rather than ltd. ed.), LD Salmiak, Offroad Cranberry

            : Knox (for price), Grov, Gotland green, Level Loose, Skruf Stark, Lucky Strike

            'Meh': Ettan, Tre Ankare, Goteborgs Rape 1&2, General, Diplomat, Kronan loose, Rocker silver (Menthol)

            : Probe, Rocker blue (liquorice)

            All are portions unless stated.

            Last Edit - 13/4/07.


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              Montecristo, Romeo y Julieta, Ettan, General, Grov, Nick & Johnny (All portions)

              Granit, Kronan, Diplomat (portions)

              Gottlands, Offroad, Probe, Kicks original.

              This update provided after one year.
              btw I am proud to announce that I am now completely smoke-free, thanks to yummy snus.


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                Skruf Stark, Probe Whiskey, Kronan, Nick & Johnny

                Pretty much all Swedish Match

                Offroad Cranberry, Kardus

                All above loose.
                All below portion.

                Romeo y Julieta, Goteborgs Rape no 2

                Skruf Cranberry


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                  Gotlands Gul, Knox, General, Nick & Johnny, Ettan, Göteborgs Rapé, Diplomat (RIP), Skruf Original, Skruf Tranbär, Montecristo, Röda Lacket, General Onyx, Gotlands Grön, Taboca, Gellivare

                  Göteborgs Rapé no.2, Lucky Strike, Skruf Stark, Landströms, Grovsnus, Probe Whiskey, Offroad Cranberry, Offroad Liquorice, Offroad Long Cut, Granit, Camel Spice

                  :? Mocca (all), Tre Ankare, R y J, Offroad original, Kronan, LD Salmiak, Camel Frost, Camel Original


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                    My favourites, loose unless other mentioned: Goteborgs Prima Fint, General, Probe (loose & pouch), Ettan, Roda Lacket, Skruf Stark (loose & pouch), Skruf Cranberry (pouch), LD black (pouch), General Onyx (pouch)

                    Pretty ok, loose unless other mentioned: Kronan, Diplomat white (pouch), Romeo y Juliet (pouch), Lucky Strike white (pouch), Goteborgs Rapé, Tre Ankare (pouch)

                    I don't like: Gustavus (all), Mocca, Catch.

                    My all-time favourite was Rallarsnus, but as I heard it's production has been closed


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                      I usually use porion snus so all these are that type.

                      Grand XL, Probe Whiskey, Montecristo, Romeo y Julieta, Diplomat, General.

                      Granit Maxi, Strong Cut, Skruf Stark,
                      Göteborgs Rapé No2, Kronan, General Onyx, Diplomat White, Catch White Eucalyptus, Catch Licorice, CatchDry Cassis Menthol, General Mini.

                      :? General Mild "Silver", Röda Lacket, Ettan, Ettan White, Röda Lacket, Tre Ankare, Tre Ankare White Mini.

                      I have found that my likes & dislikes change. This is probably due to both trying more types & reclaiming my taste buds after 20 years of smoking!
                      Still craving the nicotine kick so I'm liking the stronger/larger brands.


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                        Any experience with metropol licorice?


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                          Originally posted by gopherbob
                          Any experience with metropol licorice?
                          Oops. I guess I never check this thread out.
                          Yeah I've tried about three cans of Metropol licorice (loose, not the portions).
                          The taste is marvelous (*IF* you like licorice, which seems to be quite an acquired taste for people outside north/northwestern europe judging by what i've read).
                          Downside is that it's very powdery and doesn't clump well unless you aply plenty of pressure in the right places (no dirty thoughts now boys!).
                          Bacco licorice is just as powdery but coarser than Metropol. So if anyone's tried Bacco licorice loose: it's the most difficult loose I've ever had. Both are the prefect candidates to try with an Icetool.


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                            Anyone like general silver. large protions have to much nicotine. I prefer the size of a large portion, but the nicotine of mini portion.

                            I know, I need to tough'n up.


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                              Chopper's recommending you take a maxi-portion of harden the **** up :lol:

                              Seriously, though, I've not tried the silvers - are they like a light portion?