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    I was not impressed at first, but im starting to like the flavour of this. Very good and a great all-day snus. A minus is that the drip comes a little too fast but still a snus that i would buy again sometime


      Ok, on to the Portion version of Grov.

      My earlier reviews of the los left me not a fan of this brand, at all.

      However, the portion is much better.

      I still get the slightest pickle taste but it is covered up nicely by the smoke and other flavors. THIS to me tastes like I would imagine Copenhagen Snus would taste like.

      It is salty, biggest win in my book here, and then smokey. All the flavors here go hand in hand and mesh very well.

      This is what I would hope Ettan tasted like in portions but that is not the case, Ettan Los and Ettan Portions are miles apart in flavor, one tastes like great tobacco should (los) and the other like chocolate pudding (Original Portions).

      The downside to this is that it really doesnt scream amazing, just a middle of the road workhorse when you need it. I would reorder, but I like Taboca better. Who knows, tastes change.


        Grov Portion is my all time favorite portion snus (Grov Lös being my all time favorite lös). It's a remarkably complex snus, with notes of leather, peat, tobacco (duh), smoke, earth, and just a touch of citrus in the background. Plenty of salt, which I love (I have a salt tooth rather than a sweet tooth). I honestly discover a new nuance each time I use it. Amazing stuff. Doesn't have the overt chocolate flavor of Ettan Portion (which I also love). THIS, and NOT General, is how snus should taste, at least to me.


          Reviewing Grov Stark OP - rich and earthy tobacco with some pepper. There is some citrus and an almond note if you really look for it. I loved this at first but it is a little heavy on the salt.