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General G.3 Slim White Licorice/Mint Strong

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    General G.3 Slim White Licorice/Mint Strong

    "It is dry on the surface to prevent dripping and allow an extensive release of flavor." - Swedish Match

    For the sake of disclosure, I am a tobacco-centric, original portion snuser using Grov Stark and Ettan as my main dailies. I roll the dice on a flavored snus offering maybe once a year.

    About this Licorice/Mint:

    - cool tin - I do like the bold change up of the G.3 tins, the purple G.3 patch is cool, excellent container as always from Swedish Match
    - portions - 24 at about .7 gr, 16.6 grams of product, long and slim, nice fit in the lip, without a doubt the driest portion I can recall from SM
    - nicotine - 14% per gram and just under 10 mg per portion, almost a stark portion
    - flavor - this sounds like a great idea, a little mint, a little licorice, I like the concept but the execution is far below what I expect from Swedish Match. I can smell mint/Eucalyptus when the can is opened, and a little bit of the lakrits comes through. There is an initial fleeting flavor of mint which quickly turns to a worn out licorice taste that vaguely reminds me of an Odens Lakrits Original Portion that has been in the lip far too long.

    I'll give this one a star (one of five) just for SM's effort.

    As always........YMMV

    Thanks for the review Man.
    To bad it's not a great Lakrits


      I don't like this snus. I wish they would have kept the XR Salmiak and discontinued this one. Mixing mint and licorice is so, so weird.