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    General XR Goteborgs Rape

    First off the portions are very dry indeed. Reminds me of Odens extra dry portions. Probably the reason there is no drip. My only experiance with Goteborgs Rape is a can of los I tried before.

    Smell: It doesnt smell ANYTHING like I remember from their los version. It smells very....soapy dare I say? I have no idea, maybe soapy berries. It doesnt smell "bad" but for a guy who is used to mint snus his entire snusing career It set me back.

    Portion: It is relativity small and fits great under your lip with the slim portion.

    Can: Thanks to US regulation, the warning stickers ruined my cans with a nasty ugly reminder of the dangers of tobacco. Obviously snus is a lesser evil....or so we believe but like it or not depending on your vendor your cans will be clustered with cancer warnings that ruin the label when you try to remove them.

    Strength: I have been using 14 mg strong portions for the last month and a half, but I still feel the nicotine in this. .85 Seems to be to be pretty good, despite its lower strength.

    Taste: I have no idea because there is none. Its a non drip portion and even with me pushing 50 min on this bad boy I dont taste a thing. Just the "essence" of what it smells like but no soap. EDIT:: I guess I got a few "drops" of the portion on my tongue and it tastes pretty real sweetness more of a salty thing, salty berries

    OVERALL! I would rate it an 8/10. That number could be higher if you are familiar with the portions of Goteborgs Rape as I hear this is remarkably similar. But like I said it smells nothing like the los version. I bought a roll and its still too early to tell if I will regret doing that, but I wouldnt say its bad. Ill take it over camel snus anyday and im sure once I adjust to a non mint snus it will be just fine.
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    I'm not a big fan of the Rapes, but I continue to order an occasional tin of some popular and less tobacco centric flavors to see if I my tastes have adapted or changed. So, I ordered a tin of the XR Rape along with the other new XR flavors, and I was surprised. While the flavor is per the original GR, the smaller (.8g), longer, and dryer portion works better with this flavor me. The flavor seems milder and develops much slower with very minimal drip and lasts for an hour or slightly longer with no bitter end taste. This is not a a snus I will use often, but may buy an occasional tin.
    I agree with Polluted's assessment - 8/10, which is about the same rating I have given the the other XRs.