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Oomph Citrus & Menthol 3g

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  • Oomph Citrus & Menthol 3g

    Reviews for Oomph Citrus & Menthol 3g.

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    Oomph Citrus and Menthol 3mg

    This is a surprising product. I am not sure if it is actually snus but I like these. They are small and quite easy to conceal in your mouth. I can hold a conversation quite well while using Oomph portions. They also seem like a better value to me as you get 24 portions and not 20 portions like they put in a lot of mini portion containers. For the first few minutes, they pretty much taste like baking soda. After that wears off, you are left with a very light and clean citrus taste which can easily last an hour. The 3mg actually packs a little kick and the nicotine comes on fairly strong. The nicotine kick is probably equivalent to a 4mg snus portion. I am starting to stock up on this product and hope to have about 30 cans by the end of the year. I am using snus as a way to quit smoking but eventually I want off of nicotine completely. I am buying this snus to slowly replace my General Original Portions and plan on increasing my use of Oomph over time. I would like to start weaning off of nicotine next year and Oomph snus seems like the perfect product to do that with.


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      Yeah! What Vegan said.

      This is the last snus I will ever use unless oomph invents a 2mg or 1mg snus.

      Anyone know the details of this Snus?

      The container says "Whitening". Am I to believe that this particular snus whitens teeth? Perhaps I should stick with this snus for a while before quitting altogether. I can get some white back. :-)

      Another quote from container:
      Incredible Purified snus - A WISE Choice - Keeps Breath and Teeth Always Fresh

      - - Good fresh flavor that lasts
      - - Whitens teeth(?)
      - - 24 portions per pack
      - - Fresh breath AND teeth
      - - Least amount of TSNA's (even less than Nicorette in one test)
      - - Inconspicuous container... less likely to give your jeans that "Copenhagen Ring" (although it kind of reminds of a birth control pill container). Maybe they should make it square.

      Too bad these didn't come in ALL nic levels (1 to 20).

      GOOD STUFF!!!!


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        Of all the Oomph products, this one, IMO, has the best flavor. That being said, the flavor only lasts for about 5 minutes! After that, it's like sucking on a piece of paper. :shock:

        The nic content is so low, I think only non-smokers will get any type of buzz.

        If this product had some staying power, I would consider making it part of my regular rotation...

        If you like the Oomph products, I suggest that you try some of the Lakerol candies available from Northerner. Most are sugar free and taste great. My favorites are the Golden Grapefruit and Cassis. No, they don't have any nic... but the flavor lasts 1000 times longer that any Oomph product!

        Update: after reading some of the posts here, I've decided to give the 6MG portions another shot... will report back once they arrive. Oh yea... I also ordered some of the Energy Snus... got them for free with some of my Northerner bonus points.

        You can check out my updated review here:
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          oomph Snus

          Well I have to be honest, this was the first snus I ever tried and it still is a go to snus that I use almost every day. At least while at work. I however, do know what REAL snus is like and love many other brands and flavor.

          The reason I like the OOmph so much is for the same reason that GoVegan talked about. Its easy to talk on the phone with those in. They are smaller portions. Oh and one awesome thing that I wish others would do is make a container that does NOT look like a dip container. The oomph has a very slim design that is small enough to fit in a pocket and not appear as though you have a can of chew in your pocket.

          Just my two cents.