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Lenny Stark White Portion

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    Lenny Stark White Portion

    Lenny Stark White Portion has been on the market for a couple of years. Odenssnus calls it a, "Traditional and well balanced chewing tobacco blend". Sometimes you will see the product listed as a snus rather than a chew. The can doesn't say snus or chew.

    Oden's considers it a value priced product. The nicotine strength is listed as 15 mg/g. The total tobacco weight is 13 g/can.

    I've tried several cans and I like the taste. To me it's a traditional tobacco taste without much citrus or bergamot flavor.

    I tried a few cans some time back and found it tasty, but the nic hit was often a bit more than I like. Usually I use sterks that are in the 14-15 mg range and like it.
    I'm not sure that it is a value price point with so few portions and lower price. Many premium portion products can be had on sale at a lower per portion price.