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    Reviews of Gustavus Los.

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    I can't seem to find any reviews that aren't 2-3 years old. Anyone from Today's snuson have an opinion on this snus?


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      have only had the portions

      thanks to chad

      theyre pretty goof similar to general op but a bit less nicotine


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        I definitely get the flowery aroma others have mentioned in the portions review. I think rose stands out. I also get a bit of juniper scent.

        The grind is medium and quite moist. I can hillbilly pinch this one no problem.

        Initially the flavour is pretty intense with the floral/herbal taste at the forefront. There is also some citrus in the background. It’s a bit salty but not overly so. At first the intensity of the flavour is on the verge of being too much for my tastes but it does fade a bit and becomes more pleasant.

        This snus is unique compared to other ones I’ve tried. It won’t find a spot in my regular rotation but If I’m looking to change things up a bit I’ll order another tin now and then.