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Jakobsson's Melon Strong: Review

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    Jakobsson's Melon Strong: Review

    Well well well. This time it's Jakobsson's Melon Strong (SnusCentral Order)

    Jakobsson's / Gotlandssnus Intro:

    Jakobsson's was founded in Sweden on the island of Gotland under the manufacturer Gotlandssnus. It is sold internationally. The company is currently ran by Henrik Jakobsson CEO/Founder

    Jakobssons is a premium Gotland snus. It comes in a whole array of flavours. The quality shows in the aroma, strength and flavour. (Gotlandssnus, 7-12-17, Jakobsson's)

    At Gotlandssnus, we always endeavor to create top-quality snus and we use the finest ingredients. Regardless of whether you want to use snus or to quit, Gotlandssnus makes excellent products that are popular with customers.

    Today we produce over 10,000 snus cans per day, with sales of SEK 30 million. Our snus is sold in Sweden, the US, Asia and Europe. We’re on our way to becoming a challenger to the market leaders, with both regular snus and a nicotine-free product line. Behind our success is a long-term strategy based on the philosophy that nothing is impossible – all you need is courage. Our employees are our greatest asset. We would not be where we are without their patience, willingness and inventiveness – regardless of how many popular products, retailers and satisfied customers we had. (Gotlandssnus, 7-12-17, Home Page)

    Jakobsson's Melon Strong:

    Perfect sized portions at 1 gram each. The sweetness is absolutely lovely and tastes natural to me. You must like sweet snuses to be able to enjoy this.

    The melon flavor is very strong and incredibly pleasant. Honestly I wasn't expecting it to be so close to Watermelon and Honeydew/Cantaloupe but it's spot on.

    I find the nicotine level strong and satiating.


    Strong Melon Flavor
    Portion size is perfect (1g)
    Great Nicotine Level

    Slightly pricey at over $4 a can on most sites.

    TOBACCO WEIGHT (G): 20 | NICOTINE (%): 1.4 | PORTIONS / CAN: 20

    Side Note: This is a daily driver for me. I could keep these in all day long no problem. Definitely a snus I will be purchasing a lot of.
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