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    Cruiser chew CLASSIC

    Alright so this stuff finally showed up so I figured a little write up is due.

    so the can, it's a jaks can with a different logo. The label is plastic not paper so it looks pretty slick.

    Smell test.... Mmmmmmm smells goooooooood, you definitely get the bergamot/citrus up front, behind you get kinda an earthy tobacco scent and though I've read other reviews, I personally feel like there's some liquorice under all of it, very faint....but I swear it's in there!

    the portions look pretty cool, black portions not unlike General Onyx but that's where things start to get a wee bit different. When you pick up a portion right away you notice that the tobacco is more coarse, chunky if you will, and I did notice this for the first few minutes of each portion but once it got moist it was no problem.

    Meow what's the most important, the flavour, it's pretty good, I pick up the citrus right away and hiding behind that is liquorice(dear god I swear) but it's just barely there. About 30ish minutes in and the citrus has faded and the tobacco and salt takes over. It's not very salty but it works well. I've also read people say it's peppery, I say they're probably drunk. Or I just have a different definition of pepper.

    Now will this replace any of my favourite snus from my rotation? I don't really think so, but will I reorder? Maybe once in awhile. Truthfully for the price at the northerner ($4.36 a can) you could just buy some real snus, but if I lived in the EU and couldn't get a reliable supply of snus this would definitely do in a portion( instead of a pinch, get it?)

    if you can get your hands on it giver a try I say
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