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I tried Epok Blueberry

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  • I tried Epok Blueberry

    I had to try it, just because. White snus? It's really bright white. Going into my mouth, something felt wrong about it. Like French-kissing a nun. I think that I prefer my tobacco to be tobacco colored.
    Not much tobacco flavor at all. Just a light candy taste. Not crazy about it.
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    There is something fundamentally wrong with white does look like candy.....


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      Bought two cans of that stuff and those will be the only ones. Something seems very off about it, bad taste, even the texture seems weird


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        Originally posted by Burnsey View Post
        There is something fundamentally wrong with white tobacco.......

        I think the fact that the Tobacco is white would have been my first (and only) clue.

        Thanks for the reviews guys..... I'll pass on this one
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