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Can you use lower nic dose of snus after a higher one?

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    Can you use lower nic dose of snus after a higher one?

    Hi, I am new and 27 I really just started snus, i want the swedish stuff soon. Anyway my question is with nicotine can you have a lower dose of nicotine after a higher dose and still feel affect. I wonder because some herbs dont allow for that and give a good effect. Will doing this destroy any decent effect of nicotine? You know to best maxamize the effect.
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    I do that every day, but it depends on the user. Everyone is different.

    To give you some perspective:
    A 22mg (or more) portion will give you the equivalent of nicotine that a chainsmoker gets from smoking (3 packs a day or more).
    A 14 mg portion will satisfy a heavy smoker.
    A regular 8mg portion is like moderate smoking (a pack a day or slightly more).
    A mini portion with 4mg of nicotine won't give much of a kick but it's enough not to get any withdrawal symptoms.

    It's totally reasonable to start the day with a 14mg snus, to get the day going without being overwhelmed, to take a 22mg snus after dinner (when the effect is usually low) and to end the day with a 8 or 4mg brand, not to be robbed from sleep. Or any other scheme, really, it totally depends on the user. A strong snus might want you to lay down, or it gets you awake. With loose snus it's even possible to adjust the size of the prilla to what seems best at the moment.

    After a few days you'll know what's best for you, but it's really not a bad idea to order brands of different strengths when you're new to snus.

    You have to keep a single portion in the mouth for 35 minutes at least to get the maximum nicotine effect (there are even clinical studies about it) and you won't get withdrawal symptoms if you keep this portion for 2 hours or even longer, according to my own experience and usage pattern.

    Hope this is helpful!



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