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Newbie with some questions

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  • SnusOn.Com
    Welcome to the forum will77 Good to have you here.

    Swedish snus can have a salty edge when you 1st try it but you should find that you accustom to it quite quickly. That said there are also a few brands that were designed more with a US palette (sweeter) in mind that you might like to try sometime. These include -
    Jakobsson's Melon Strong Portion
    Jakobsson's Melon Strong Slim (White Dry)
    Jakobsson's Mint Strong Portion
    Jakobssons Strong Cola
    Jakobsson's Wintergreen Strong Portion
    Nick & Johnny Americana Xtra Strong
    General Wintergreen White Portion

    For less drip either White or, going even drier, Dry White portions might be what you're looking for. Whites juice up less than originals as their surfaces aren't moistened during the last stage of the manufacturing process as with originals.

    Hope that helps some.

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  • Premium Parrots
    Welcome to Enjoy the site

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  • will77
    started a topic Newbie with some questions

    Newbie with some questions

    New Suns User Questions

    Just wanted to post as I’m new to snus and had a few questions. I’m not new to tobacco at all. Smoked cigarettes for 10 years then quit and vaped but recently am trying to stop inhaling things into my lungs so now I’ve switched to cigars and snus. Had the US version of General Mint today. I liked it and the mint tobacco flavor just wasn’t a fan of the salty taste. I liked the drip after it settled down a while but would have preferred something a bit more dry. Is there a brand that is lower in salt and a bit more dry? At the bottom of the post is a list of what I ordered from Snusdirect. Let me know what you think. It should be here hopefully by the end of the week. Let me know if you have other recommendations. Thanks. As a reference In cigars I enjoy cedar, coffee, chocolate, sweet spice, tobacco and citrus flavors.

    Skruf Original Portion,
    Catch Licorice Original Mini,
    General Classic Original,
    Lundgrens Norrland White Slim,
    Catch Eucalyptus White,
    G.4 Blizzard Slim All White,
    General ONYX,
    General Wintergreen White,
    Göteborgs Rapé Cloudberry ,
    Göteborgs Rapé Lingonberry,
    Röda Lacket Loose,
    Grovsnus Original,
    Göteborgs Rapé Mini White