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    Hello from KCMO

    Hello. I am a new Snuser from MO. I recently tried SNUS after having also recently trying to take up pipe smoking. I enjoyed the calm and increased mental focus from the nicotine but do not enjoy smelling like smoke, my house smelling like smoke, or the health effects of breathing in the secondhand smoke. Of course, I didn't inhale the direct smoke from the pipe, but the second hand smoke was unavoidable and had even in a relatively short amount of time and low frequency of smoking, affected my breathing health. So I read about and tried SNUS.

    I have tried brands available in stores: General: Original, White, Mint, and Wintergreen. I have also tried Camel: Mellow and Cherry. I also tried some minty Skoal, provided to me by a co-worker who I turned on to Snus with the Generals that I had bought.

    Thoughts - Flavor wise, Camel Mellow is by far my favorite. Unfortunately, it and the other American Snuses that I mentioned make me sick to my stomach. The flavor also goes away too quickly. This truly is the flavor that I wish I could have with a better Snus.

    The Camel Cherry went into the trash on the way out of the gas station where I bought it. Grossssssss.

    The Skoal tasted fine, but the stomachache was a deal breaker.

    General Original and White? I like the smell. Bergamot is a flavoring/scent that I find enjoyable. Unfortunately, I just can't get over the black pepper in these blends. In general, I'm just not a fan of pepper.

    General Mint and Wintergreen? These are my go to Snuses until I can find something better. I've read that some people find the Wintergreen to be sweeter than the mint, but I disagree wholeheartedly. I find the mint to be much sweeter. If I start producing excess saliva when snusing the mint, the artificial taste of the sweetener becomes apparent, but this doesn't always happen. I think that maybe this is dependant on what I ate before snusing. I think that perhaps I should drink something before snusing. The wintergreen, like I said, is less sweet and so I have not ever received that artificial sweetener flavor that I occasionally notice in the mint. The wintergreen also takes me back to my childhood, because I had a friend in the 4th and 5th grades who used to bring Hawken to share on the playground during!

    I stopped chewing on the 5th grade when I moved to a new school and didn't chew again until I tried quitting smoking as a senior in high school. After a week or so, I switched back to smoking and hadn't chewed since. I did however quit smoking cigarettes 2 years later and that was well over 20 years ago.

    I had a cigar a couple years ago at a good friend's bachelor party and I have also had a couple cigars recently while trying to get a bearing on if I wanted to be a pipe (or possibly a cigar) smoker, which as I pointed out that I do not. I won't rule out the celebratory cigar every once in a while in the future, but my health cannot sustain this practice in my day to day life.

    Back to Snus. I have read that Ettan white is very similar in flavor to Camel Mellow. I would like to try it, unfortunately it looks like I would have to pay a hefty fee to have it shipped as stores out here don't carry that brand. A can of General me less than $5 after tax. It looks like any other Swedish brand would be a lot more per can once shipping costs have been taken into account. 🙄
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    The price/can will come out to the same amount you're used to paying as long as you purchase roughly 25 - 30 cans in each order. If you find deals or order more, the price will become cheaper than what you are paying locally.

    Edit: If you really like the flavor of camel mellow, you would probably love Ettan Los. It's 1000x better and it has (imo) that mellow sort of flavor in it.
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      Welcome Jangles and SnusLos.

      Enjoying snus and finding what you really like is a journey.....I've been at it six years and still try flavors I wish I hadn't, but do still enjoy some new special surprises. Ordering from online stores is the best way to test out flavors, but nobody likes the shipping costs! 25 - 30 cans will get the cost per can down below the usual retail prices of the General products...the more you order the cheaper the shipping per can. The online stores have a variety that is huge. Try them all, if you don't like one bag it and back to fridge to try again later......your taste/preferences will change.
      Good luck!


        @Jangles you could try the white dry portions that are tobacco free but have nicotine in them. I think they call them pure portions.


          @Jangles as @Chewbacca suggested it might be worth you trying some of the new tobacco free nicotine pouch products. LYFT has many flavours & different strengths. They might be worth a try.


            Thank you! I'll look into this!