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Snus and tooth problems

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    Snus and tooth problems

    Hi all

    So I have been using snus on and off for the past year, but recently I have been using snus daily (about 3 portions a day). I also use the strongest snus available here, which is Siberia Red. I am curious about gum health, especially teeth. I saw a can the other day that said it may cause tooth rot.

    The problem is that there aren't enough studies done yet on the health effects of snus and most of the available studies compare snus to cigarettes, but don't look at the effects of the product alone. Hoping some more experienced users can give me some info (I can't possibly believe that the sting and burning can be good for your mouth).


    Hi mate, welcome. There are quite a few threads on the health effects of using snus that you can find using the search function at the top right of the page. In the 15 years I've been using snus and being a mod for this site I can't really recall anyone having any health problems with snus. If you search I believe the studies will assure you. However, I do remember hearing about small white dots under ones lip but I believe that issue affected a very very few users new to snus. I hope this helps.

    Sorry bout the long answer, the short answer is that snus hasn't been approved as a harm reduction product yet and the government says the stickers stay untill then. I few years ago the government voted on it and lost the harm reduction classification by only a few votes. Next tiime they vote it should pass....we all hope.

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