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    Originally posted by squeezyjohn View Post

    Hell yeah! With Brexit f**king our country up so we don't know what we'll be allowed to do next week ... I've got a big old stash of rustica twist chew and barrels of home grown tobacco to make snus out of.

    It's hard being in a place where I hate the EU for the ridiculous snus ban (and the banning of selling heirloom seeds without expensive registration) ... but I hate our own politicians more because they are prepared to put us on a bonfire and see what doesn't burn! There are literally businesses here that don't know what they will be allowed to do next week and friends of mine who live over the border in France who don't know what their legal status will be next week. I'm not on Facebook anymore on principle as they are subverting our democracy and I'm not enough of a sheep to stay making them ad revenue.

    Meanwhile snus is not the fun it once was. I haven't been able to get my hands on anything made by Swedish Match since 2016 ... I'm stuck with one avenue to get Jakobssons Ultra Strong and if that disappears, that's it for the commercially made stuff. I haven't tried anything new since then ... my pleasure has been taken away from me. That's why I haven't been here recently. No point.

    I do drop in to see what people are saying ... but it's mostly BS to be honest. This place is not a fun vibrant place ... and it hasn't been since it had the corporate take-over.
    I can help with the lack of GES! I’m sure I text you a new place but I sure if you’re still on the same number.


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      Originally posted by whalen View Post
      We need Skell, Extreem, and GN so that everything is funny and badly misunderstood!
      Dunno about the others but you got me now ;-) xx x-D


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        …...get the cuffs ready.

        Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to hide the bodies of the people I killed because they were annoying......

        I've been wrong lots of times. Lots of times I've thought I was wrong only to find out that I was right in the beginning.


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          Originally posted by Premium Parrots View Post
          …...get the cuffs ready.
          Love ya PP