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    This one smells like Play-Doh, Cherry and Marzipan. I'm not very impressed. If I give it a good hit I get some lovely floral notes but basically not a stand-out perfumed snuff for me. I think F&T's perfumed snuffs are generally better than Wilsons' excepting the Rose of Sharrow. Even though F&T's florals are made by Wilson's I think the blends are just better so far. But I still have a lot of snuff to try and maybe my nose just isn't on right yet haha.

    Edit: I think the main problem is that it's much too sweet. It clogs my nose pretty badly.

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    Really liked this - Good description above with less of the play doh. Quite rosey too. I liked the sweetness - didn't clog my nose. Good nic.
    Definately a re-order.


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      I didnt "get" Jockey Club at first. 10g later and I hated to see it running out. My tin was so fresh the scent lingered for 30minutes or so.

      While it lasted it was a great nightcap snuff with a floral and citrus scent.