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Rail Road Mills Plain

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  • Rail Road Mills Plain

    To me Rail Road Mills Plain is an in between American Scotch sharing characteristics of both the American Plains and the American Sweets yet rounding off the edges typical to both varieties.

    It is smoky but without the harsh burnt smell of many of the more strident Plains

    It has a natural tobacco sweetness that avoids the artificial sugary taste of so many of the Sweets.

    The moisture seems to be a little above average, making it a bit easier to take (a weeeeee bit), while the grind and nicotine are typical of the American offerings.

    Thus for many RR Plain will be a great place to start their venture into the American Scotches.

    However, to those who love the harsher burnt flavor of Plains such as Rooster, Burtons, or Superior RR may prove a bit too tame.

    Regardless, RR Plain is a solid American style snuff, it is one of my favorites, and one that I recommend trying at least once
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    If you wanna know why they call it sweet, put some in your mouth.


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      Originally posted by tom502 View Post
      If you wanna know why they call it sweet, put some in your mouth.