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Kendal Brown Original

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    Kendal Brown Original

    Time to set aside the fruit salad and chocolate cake and street-walker perfumes.

    One of the original recipes from Samuel Gawith, certainly glad I tried this one.
    Nothing other than rich and full tobacco with the slightest citrus hint.

    If you've ever been in a walk-in humidor at a tobacco shop, or better still,
    sat in that old, high back leather chair that was the favored perch of a long time pipe smoker, that kind of tobacco smell.
    Warm, deep and comfortable, I now know what snuff is supposed to be!
    All the associations you've ever seen made in other snuffs along the lines of earthy, woody, peaty, they're all present in this one!

    As with all SG products, if you purchase this in those stupid plastic tap boxes they insist on using you will need to rehydrate to fully appreciate the scent. Worth the effort though!

    Edit - Fixed, cheers.

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      There I was, taking my first sniffs of toast, as in F&T HDT and Toque natural toast, and wondering why I had avoided these wonders of the snuff world. Perhaps it was the fear of the fine powder. I only mention this as my interest in straight tobacco type snuffs was peaked, so off I was exploring the world of no nonsense snuffs. KB original is certainly not a toast and certainly no nonsense.

      On opening the vacuum sealed can (an ordeal in and of itself for those uninitiated) you find a dark brown, moist, rough cut snuff that looks nothing like a toast. Because of the moisture and grind of KBO it's a breeze to take. It's easy to shovel lots of this in

      Oh it burns........... oh Lordy it burns......... it hurts......... in a good kind of way.

      After the burn settles down a bit the fragrance, if one can call it that, comes through with no doubt as to what this is about. This is no girly snuff. This is all wood smoke and campfires and northern cabins in the depths of fall. While the toast are hayfields and barnyards, this one is like sticking you nose in a can of Latakia based pipe tobacco.

      This stuff does burn my nose out in short order so I have limits as to how much I can do. Certainly not an all day snuff, but one I'm happy to have in my collection for those times when I want to reminisce about campfires and cabins of bygone days.