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  • Kendal Brown

    Kendal is a place (a town in England) Like Cognac is a place (a region in France). Kendal Brown is a lose description of a type of snuff that was blended there. Traditionally, it is a floral snuff (I believe featuring geraniums). Today many snuff makers offer their own variation of this snuff under the name Kendal Brown.

    Regardless, Gawith and Hoggarth's breaks with the more common trend. Unlike the heavily perfumed version of KB produced by F&T, Gawith's version is a natural, unscented tobacco. The smell is of an old study or book store. It is deep, rich, and slightly sweet. The scent has just the right amount of staying power

    The grind is coarse so you wont have it hit the back of your throat. However, the coarseness of the grind can actually make it tricky to keep in the noes (but not any where as bad as say a Schmalzler style snuff).

    As with most G&W snuffs there is a nice noes burn and a decent nicotine kick.

    This is a really good natural snuff (by no means one dimensional but complex and satisfying). Give it a try
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    After doing some comparing....I find this snuff to be a lighter version of the Kendal Brown style without all of the additional scents.

    Straight toward tobacco, light......light lemon and hint of flowers.....and gone.

    Good.....possibly the most unobtrusive snuff I have tried to date.

    Excellent grind and moisture but for me, lacking in the satisfaction misses with me at the moment.....but probably because I crave the coal fires and burning rubber of the SG at the moment.

    Definitely this is a plainer snuff but one not to be overlooked.

    Edit: end of the day.....must have gone through about 6 grams of this today so far and I average 4 for the whole day from wake to sleep.....very disappointed an unsatisfied with it and there is a funny flavor I can't quite put my finger the dead feet smell in Feinster Kowoner.

    This snuff, it is almost something.......but rather than dislike this snuff......I am disappointed by it.



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      Musty books and looks like milled peppercorn.
      Awful stuff. Had to throw it in the bin. Awful.