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Irish D Light (for reals)

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    Irish D Light (for reals)

    Last time I posted this topic it was mistitled. Sorry.

    Now, for the review....

    Whalen once used the term "weaponized" to describe a snuff and I feel that that term clearly describes the grind of this toast. I opened the seal of my fresh 25g vacuum sealed tin and was thrown into a coughing fit from the cloud of snuff. Every time I open the tin it looks like dry if there is a vapor of tobacco rising up from the tin. If I was a rational man I would have put the lid back on the tin and run for cover.

    Now I am no stranger to scotches or toasts, but seeing that made me a bit intimidated. Now, if you are new to toasts, get some Toque Natural Toast and some F&T HDT and put in some practice time. Seriously. Also, get a scotch snuff (or a sweet) ans report back when you have mastered them. Do a whole tin of Cheeta as well, I have less trouble with that.

    Now, since you are ready, grab a big old pinch and hold it under your nose and just think about snuffing it. Perfect.

    Ahhh.....light, smoky and a bit biscuity, this is one tasty toast. It, for me is just smoky enough without killing you like an American scotch. It also seems to lack the butteryness of some toasts.

    Now, I am half way through the tin and it really isn't the first toast I grab. I like it though when I want something with the fires of a real Kendal brown but lighter and without all of the mess and stuffing.

    All in all this is a great snuff but a wicked beast to tame. I shall no longer fear any grind now that I can easily take this snuff....most of the time.

    Pro tip: don't use this in any sort of light wind, in front of a fan or outside facing the will fly up into your eye and burn like a mother.

    Its my second favorite toast, i have a slightly preference for WOS IHT # 22 but this SG its a damn fine snuff


      Nice review Mike......................this is one that for some reason I have missed.............I think it was the smokiness in the description.........When it comes to toast I am more in the buttery camp................I figure I can get all the smokiness I need from the American Scotches.......anyway..........I'll have to pick some up at some point and give it a try
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        After quite a bit of experimentation I have concluded that plain toasts are by far my favourite. I am now trying to figure out which one I will end up ordering in bulk. Right now the battle is between F&T HDT, Wilson's #22, and Toque Natural Toast. I have about 50g of each that should see me through the winter at the end of which I will make a bulk purchase of the "winner".

        You will notice that Irish D Light is not in the running for my future bulk purchase. The three that are are quite similar in flavour with some subtle differences between them. Irish D Light is rather dusty as has been mentioned, but I find a huge pinch of it does not cause me any problems. The flavour is definitely more smoke and less butter. Not nearly as much smokiness as the scotches I have tried, which can seem overpowering at times. I suppose you could say that it is somewhere between the more common toasts and scotches.

        I will always have some Irish D Light on hand - it is different enough that it stands out on its own and is very pleasant.


          I think a can or two of all three would be enough for a while, although I do have a bulk of #22. I would give the new Toque almond toast a whirl also, although I have been too broke to order some.
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            I would stick with those 3 crullers as all fine snuffs, F&T and Toque are my mainstays. Like Whalen says, try the Almond toast, its very good, I love the lime toast too but I adore lime so slightly biased lol


              Originally posted by Skell18
              I would stick with those 3 crullers as all fine snuffs, F&T and Toque are my mainstays. Like Whalen says, try the Almond toast, its very good, I love the lime toast too but I adore lime so slightly biased lol
              Oh how I do love all three. I suppose I could order them all in bulk and be perfectly happy. Why settle for one?

              I just received the Almond Toast this week and it is very nice as a dessert snuff. The Lime Toast was too strong for my liking, I find the Toast and Marmalade more subtle in the citrus department. St. Clement's is delicious as well but I'm out now. Going to have to make another order again dammit!

              But there will always be some Irish D Light on hand here.