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    Reviews for Schmalzler A Brasil by Poschl.

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      OK, and so here is my effort at reviewing this snuff, Schmalzler A(that's what the front of the bag says).
      First impression, is a nice design and look, of this slick, paper bag, with the printed logo, and name. Cool, and unique at first. But I think a 50g plastic or metal tub would be better, as they are only closed with a piece of tape, which soon loses it's stickiness, and I am thinking of putting it in a different container of some type.

      So now, upon opening the bag, let's take a smell of it. I am still a bit sick, so my review may not be 100 percent accurate. Hmmm, smells very nice. Like baking goods. Banan bread and ginger cookies came to my mind. Color is a very dark brown, reminds me of a peety potting soil, in looks and texture. I'm using a small metal baby spoon, so I'll now spoon some out. Has a nice full fluffyness about it. I suspect it must be the moisture content, as it doesn't act like bone dry powder at all. It kinda sticks together, but it's not moist like moist dip is at all. Let's take a sniff. What I like about the schmalzlers is they do not fly up past the nose, when sniffing, like many other snuffs do. I placed the spoon right to my nostril and took a few good sniffs, both sides. I did get some fall out, which I had to stand up and brush away, and which also seems to want to stick to my khaki pants. I guess I should sit in a different manner than this askewed crossleg I have going on. I gave my nose a gentle squeeze. A very slight nose burn, which quickly faded. I have the aroma of the sweet smells of, I'd say a bakery, or a holiday at home. It's very nice. I am getting a slight nose run, which I wiped with a tissue, but not too much. So, overall, I think this is a great snuff. It is not menthol, has a nice aroma flavor, and is very user friendly. It is different than standard snuffs, in that it's a bit more heavy, in moisture, and coarser grind, but not as much as say NTSU, maybe more like Santo Domingo by F&T(I may have that snuff name wrong, Princes then). I mean, it's nothing like dip, and it's totally nothing a toast or scotch, it's a snuff that's easy to snuff, can't oversnuff, but it's as heavy as a spoon of Copenhagen. So, what are you waiting for dummy, get some Schmalzler A now. For your health!