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    This arrived very dried out, and needed rehydrating. Those flip-top plastic containers Jaap uses are just plain awful -- not airtight at all. But the contents are impressive, at least the tobacco.

    I don't know if it's because I got a dried-out and possibly stale batch, but the flavorings weren't all that great. There's a mild scent of good cocoa, but I don't get any mint whatsoever. The tobacco is very nice, though. It's a quality blend, primarily red and bright Virginias, but I think there also may be a little Burley and perhaps the tiniest pinch of Latakia (if it were more than a tiny pinch, I'd throw it out -- I hate the stuff). Seems to have been toasted just a little. Grind is slightly coarse. Nicotine level seems low.

    This particular flavor of snuff doesn't really do it for me, but I'd like to try another Molens flavor with the same base, or with the fermented Virginia base. I'm thinking I'd like Jaap's re-creations of ancient recipes better. Maybe I'll order the Bon Bon or Prins Regent next time.

    I've had the Macuba, went through most of it quick has an amazing scent (like no other) and would highly recommend it. Transferred mine to a small air tight container and placed a small piece of apple in it "thumbnail size" and next day was perfect. I know others have a problem with my method but I have used it successfully for many moons for loose snus and snuff with great results, I have the Bon Bon on order. The Molens containers are weird.