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    Mettaijer Snuff

    Holy Crap this snuff is good

    Mettaijer is a refined snuff that is much more subtle than say an AO or AP

    Thus it took me a few pinches to get it but once I did....................I cannot put it down

    The smell is like putting your nose in a bag of brown

    Now let me be quick to clarify...............this is not a sweet/dessert snuff.............rather the flavor is that of toasted caramel. It is rich and complex. An easy all day snuff.

    It is how I imagine the Danish would do a Toast.

    The Nicotine is average to above average
    The grind is finer than most Molens snuffs but still coarser than an English Toast
    Also, this snuff is a good bit dryer than either Bon Bon or Prins Regent so no clumping thus far with this one.

    Another superb and bewitching snuff from Molens

    A must try IMHO
    When it's my time to go, I want to die peacefully in my sleep, like my uncle did....... Not screaming in terror like his passengers

    I received my sample on Saturday and still have not been able to smell it!! Went on vacation without any snuff to keep colds at bay and of course I returned home with a nasty head cold! I sure hope it's gone by Thanksgiving Day so I can taste my food and this snuff! Oh well..I can at least say that I love the grind of the Mettaijer...


      How do you get a sample of this stuff? I would love to try it.


        Originally posted by GoVegan View Post
        How do you get a sample of this stuff? I would love to try it.
        +1 I would also like to know... I have seen this posted before about samples of snuff and am wondering how you go about getting samples...