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J&H Wilson SP No 1

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  • J&H Wilson SP No 1

    There's a reason why these snuffs have been around for such a long time. They are the pinnacle of snuff excellence.
    Put aside all your apricot, strawberry, cherry, bacon and egg snuffs and get back to why snuff exists.. and to me this boils right back down to the excellent and superior SP's.

    This snuff is quite fine with a typical SP aroma. Slightly harsh up the nose with average/high nicotine. A wonderful experience and a snuff that is essential.

    Not an all dayer for me as it is so fine, but very nice on occassion. It does tend to hit the back of the throat upon insufflation every so often which is the case with all SPs
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    I agree, excellent snuff. I ran out of my first tin ever of this a couple months ago. I'm going to stock up on it my next snuff order.


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      I love J&H Wilson's stuff ... I remember when there was a much bigger selection like Finest Menthol and Jockey Club .. all of them were good.

      Unfortunately this company's been bought out and the production is now in Liverpool not Sheffield. But the 3 brands they still make, Top Mill no.1, S.P no.1 and Medicated no.99 are true to the recipes and are top notch ... give them a go while they're still made!

      Sometimes wrong and sometimes right .... but ALWAYS certain!!!