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Hofen Schnuph (Hops Snuff)

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  • Hofen Schnuph (Hops Snuff)

    How has no one reviewed McChrystal's Hops!! This has become one of my all time favorite snoots (and that says a lot coming from a HDT fanatic).

    Anyway, a couple of things you need to know about this snuff
    1. It is an outstanding SP type snuff and thus shares the basic profile of an SP. If you like SPs you owe it to yourself to try it. If SPs have not been your thing this is unique enough that it just might do it for you.
    2. It does not smell like cheep beer or a cheep snuff's attempt to smell like beer (this is Hops snuff not beer snuff) Rather, the hops give it a herbal undertone that is slightly sweet. It is not like anything I have had in other SPs
    The grind on this one is fine but the moisture keeps it from being dusty. This is a well behaved snuff that should seldom find its way to the back of your throat. The Nicotine is standard.

    With an SP like Tom Buck or Best SP (both by Wilsons) the citrus plays the lead role and is sharper and more acidic.

    With Hops, the citrus is there but it stays just in the background playing more of a supporting role. As such it is less acidic, more mellow, and perfectly blended to complement the overall snuff.

    The main character here is definitely the hops. It seems to redefine the whole notion of an SP as a bright lemon/orange/Bergamot snuff into a sweet herbal snuff that is nonetheless airy, cool, and refreshing. I picture an old English herb garden after a spring rain. Very natural and very refreshing

    If you like Grand Cairo or Prins Regent you will probably like Hops Snuff even though it is not particularly like either of these. Instead, all three seem to share a unique take on the common SP that hearkens back to old world blenders in a kinder, simpler, time.

    Pick up a tin or two in your next order

    This is a dog-pound certified snuff
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    That sounds really good! It's amazing the varities of snuff.. I thought snus had alot of choices. I'll probaly add this one to my next order.


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      This one is definitely getting added to my next order.


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        I agree with Snusdog's fine review. McChrystal's Stammheimer Hopfen Schnupf does not smell like cheap beer. It smells like a finely crafted, microbrewed, hoppy wheat ale with a slice or two of lemon. It reeks of quality.

        The hops are the very first thing you notice, and they are absolutely top shelf, bittersweet, herbal, and slightly skunky (yes, they are related to that notorious plant), just the way they should be. It takes a moment to realize that underneath the fragrant hops is quite a nice SP base. As Dog noted, I think the citrus element, whether bergamot or lemon, has been toned down a bit in order to let the hops have the starring role, but it's definitely there, along with lavender, and perhaps a little rose and geranium, too. SHS is considerably sweeter than most SP's, also, which balances the hops very nicely, just as malt would balance them in a beer or ale.

        For me, I think this snuff will be an occasional treat, not an all-day snuff. Likely in the evenings before bed -- hops are a common ingredient in herbal remedies to induce relaxation and sleep. Highly recommended for anyone who likes herbs, quality brewed beverages, and/or SP's.


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          After reading these reviews and experiencing the superb base tobacco of McChrystal's Mild Lemon... I must get some of this... For now I'll just pop the top on a cold one...


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            I agree with Dog and Pipen...this is an excellent snuff. I prefer heavily hopped beers and the scent of this is pure heaven...


            This stuff gets my nose all stuffy and angry (mildly irritated). I am not sure what does it. This is the first real problem I have had with a snuff (except for most schmalzers...paraffin oil does me in with overindulgence). I like quite a few McChrystals offerings and have not had a problem with anything that have made as of yet. I have tried this with a fresh nose and after snuffing other snuffs....same problem both times.

            But, as a testament to the quality of this snuff (and my love of hops) I shall continue to use this snuff until my nose agrees with my brain that this is an excellent snuff.


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              I have always considered the Hopfen to be a truly unique and one of a kind snuff. There is absolutely nothing else to compare it to, and it is an example of the true art of snuff blending. I have always offered it up to people and always recommend it to be sampled as a "must try". It will always be within the top three on my favorite list. From what I understand the Stammhiemer Hops are unique. Everyone says it is a beer scented snuff, but the truth is that it is a hop scented snuff, a small difference, all beers smell of some type of hops, but the Stammhiemer Hops used are a wonderful example of aromatic hop. There are some outstanding snuffs, and this one is in the club. Do yourself a favor and try this one.
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                Good reviews. I am not a snuff connoisseur at all, being that none of it agrees with my nose very well, but I have tried maybe 20 and own 5 or 6 varieties that I enjoy and this is my favorite. I got it from a box pax. This thread makes me want an ice-cold IPA and my tin of Hopfen right mthrfckn now