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    This is another very unusual snuff.

    Its about as black as can be in the can (I haven't compared it in color directly next to Dholakia Black but it seems about that black in color), very moist.

    I tried it when I very first got it about a week ago and the first impression I got was of a really good but mystery smell that reminded me of my one half a day in a public kindergarten some 40 years ago (I don't know if its a paste, the teacher's perfume, flowers outside the window or a combination of those plus a little maybe cinnamon smell or what, but that's what it reminded me of, surprised me that it gave me that memory actually) and it was this great smell that stayed in my nose and for literally most of the rest of that day complimented really nicely the American Scotches I mostly use.

    Now today (and even though for this week I had the can screwed tightly plus electrical tape around it) its as moist as before I think, but the smell is greatly greatly subdued to me. I've been piling in a bunch more trying to get that smell to come back but its barely there now. Sad, because that was a really amazing smell and I was really looking forward to having it again. I considered that one of the best snuff smell experiences I have ever had. I can barely smell anything in it now, just barely a hint of what was in there before.

    Either my olfactory senses are completely on strike, or somehow you have to use this up right the first day you get it.

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    The smell you are probably referring to is sandalwood and it resembles the perfume "Patchouli" that all the hippie chicks used to wear back in the day.

    Now as far as the scent dissapating..............that is really strange..................I have a can of it on my desk that is nearly a year old and it is still as pungent as the day I got it.

    It took me a while to like this snuff. It is good but different. Old Paris seems like it is a 50/50 mixture of this and F&T's Kendal Brown..........if that helps any.

    This is a quality snuff but in all likelihood it will be a love it or hate it blend for most folk
    When it's my time to go, I want to die peacefully in my sleep, like my uncle did....... Not screaming in terror like his passengers


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      I have this on order, can't wait to try it. I was wondering what it would be like....and now I know. Thanks!


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        Originally posted by Snusdog View Post
        The smell you are probably referring to is sandalwood and it resembles the perfume "Patchouli" that all the hippie chicks used to wear back in the day.
        Patchouli and sandalwood don't smell alike at all, they are remarkably different. Patchouli is a very heavy, musky floral scent with undertones that smell like fresh plowed sod. It's easy to overdo because it's so powerful.

        Sandalwood, as the name indicates, smells like a sweet, resinous wood. It's a very clean scent. If you remember how the old Dial Gold bath soap smelled, that's it. It's fragrance was mostly sandalwood.


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          Now that I've had a chance to sample Santo Domingo, a few observations:

          Ahh, love at first sniff! This is a masterfully blended snuff. The tobacco base is dark, moist and flavorful. Grind is a little coarse, but the moisture content keeps it from being grainy. In fact, it's smooth as velvet. Takes a little more inhaling power than dryer snuffs, but the sniff is smooth and gentle, with little burn.

          The aroma conjures up a strong sense of Victorian luxury, as well as tropical ease. Initial notes are leather, damp sod, and woodsmoke, followed by the warm, clean scent of cedar, which is the only scenting ingredient that stands out -- the sandalwood and violet absolute hover in the background, contributing the sense of exotic foliage. But the individual fragrances are really not that important, because this snuff, with it's carefully crafted masculine fragrance, was obviously blended to be more than the sum of its parts. The added scents are meant to compliment and enhance the fine cigar-like Zimbabwean leaf. The original recipe, made with Cuban tobacco, must have been truly magnificent. The modern version is very close to it.

          I get a very vivid mental image when I take this snuff: the study of a Victorian gentleman living in some tropic colony. The room is filled with polished dark hardwoods and brass, leather upholstered armchairs, and a cedar chest in the corner. A wisp of smoke drifts from a log smoldering in the fireplace. It's a lazy Sunday afternoon ("Santo Domingo" is Spanish for "Holy Sunday"), and the French doors are open. The rainforest begins just a few paces outside those doors. The rain has just ended, and the smell of wet leaves, flowers and soil drifts in. It's time to relax, perhaps read a good book, or simply contemplate the wonders and mysteries of life and nature.

          Get yourself some, take a healthy pinch, and travel back in time.


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            OK... OK... I'll order some.


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              I got this a few weeks ago and didnt like it,i thought it had a smell of burnt rubber to it. I didnt get the cedar wood,sandal wood and violets i just got a dirty smell of burnt rubber


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                This is a fantastic snuff and if you really like it I suggest buying it in bulk. I just got my 450g tub of it fresh from the factory and wow....what a difference. It is so much better fresh and the flavor really is better. It is smoother ne creamier with a hint of ammonia. Perfect.


                So to add to this review it is my favorite F&T snuff to date. Moist and earthy with light floral and woodsy hints. I really like it and have gone on Santo Domingo benders for a couple of days. One to not run out of.

                This is close to my favorite.....definitely top three.


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                  Ohhhhh this is a good snuff all of the above apart from the burnt rubber. Along the lines if Old Paris

                  Lots of nose run but its worth it. Quality.