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  • Wow! Coffee Bite

    A nice coffee-with-cream snuff with a light touch of sweetness. Similar to WoS Irish Coffee, but without the hint of liqueur, and a stronger coffee flavor. More of a nicotine kick, too. There may be a whisper of cocoa in WCB as well. There's a tiny bit of a burn, but nothing major. As with most Dholakia products (and I gather this is true of most Indian snuffs overall), there's a slight barnyard smell in the background, but you almost have to hunt to find it.

    Color is medium brown, grind is semi-fine, and although it feels dry and powdery to the touch, there's a moderate amount of moisture. This is only the second coffee snuff I've tried, but it's a pretty good one, and I'll most likely add this to my reorder list.