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    This is gun powder for the noes. There is no way known to man, no technique yet devised, no method so subtle that you can take this and not have it thoroughly dust the back of your throat, the inside of your skull, and probably a few internal organs.

    But it is good. A natural tobacco with the scent of fresh hey and one heck of a nicotine kick.

    However in my opinion this snus is manageable only when mixed with another snuff (something neutral, like Toque Natural works well. I have also used Toque Peanut butter- which worked nicely)

    Set your mix at say 40% white and 60% other (you can vary these by taste and by need to reduce the dustiness). You will need to let the ammonia dissipate from the white first though (ammonia is a sign of fresh snuff). Once dissipated and mixed, seal it up and let it sit for a month to let the flavors meld.

    It will give you both a workable snuff and one of the best plain blends IMO (well worth the little extra effort)
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    I like this snuff but the only way I can take it straight is to take a pinch and then rub it directly on my septum.

    I agree that it is a great mixer snuff and my favorite mix with it is 35% Hedges, 45% FUBAR Grunt 20% White.


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      grow some balls men. This is my current go to snuff.

      Heres a hint on consuming it......take a small hit in each nostril, get over the side effects in about 10 seconds, then take a decent sized hit in each nostril. You won't get the side effects the second time [usually] and you will get the real taste. there is a sweetness there that is very subtle.

      I love this stuff.

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        Got it today and I'm taking large size hits which isn't uncomfortable as I'm used to large pinches of Menthol plus. Loving the nicotine and I'm getting used to the aroma which at first smelled like wet cat, but that's changing.

        Excellent snuff.

        Don't drop the tin.


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          Forgot to mention that if taken in large enough quantity I get cigar. Good cigar.

          10/10 for this snuff.


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            This is definitely a GREAT snuff. It has a very similar aroma to Dholakia Black: manure, earthiness, and a hint of peppermint that nobody else seems to smell. It is great for clearing a blocked nostril, it will work its way all the way through the nose and get mucus flowing.

            The problem is learning to take it. I think taking it straight, unless your nose is rather clogged, will always result in coughing. Even though you get it right in the front of your nose, as soon as you inhale to get some aroma, even if you inhale with nose and mouth simultaneously, some will hit your throat, and you will cough out a dramatic plume of white snuff dust. It will get on your clothes, it will get into your keyboard, the next thing you know you're addicted to it. Because it tastes that good.


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              I only use this in the late afternoon or evening, simply because my nose is clogged enough to take a good pinch without crying lol. Been taking it for a few years now and it never changes.


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                This is in my top 3 favourite snuffs. Yep only 3 lol.


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                  Mr. Skellard hooked me up with some of this in a trade a while back. I didn't like it at first, everytime I took a sniff it felt like my head was about to explode. I'm starting to really enjoy it now.


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                    I found this too dusty in the end...I found myself getting chesty with it which didn't surprise me.
                    The snuff is amazing though...and if only they could make the grind coarser this snuff would be amazing.